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for Signal Film and Media in partnership with Furness Refugee Support

A Practice of Welcome is a two-part project, questioning the materiality of hospitality in relation to migration. The installation is a visual representation of the answers to the question 'what makes you feel welcome?' which were gathered from various social media platforms. Made up of textiles, rooting plants and low lighting, it attempts to exaggerate and replicate the atmosphere which was unanimously described in the answers. With space to donate items to the refugee crisis, the installation grows over the two weeks it is on display, each visitor carefully choosing where to place their donations. In the second part of the project, Furness Refugee Support and local residents wanting to get involved, joined a collective writing workshop to create a poem focusing on how welcoming the area can be - rather than focusing on the arms manufacturing industry it is most famous for. We then all worked to create the organisation's first ever website, sharing skills and knowledge so that the site can be used to help make refugees in the area feel as welcome as possible.